Sunday, 27 May 2007

Challenge 5

This week in The Biggest User, we say goodbye to 6 competitors.... 3 were chosen by votes by their peers, and the remaining 3 were used the least amount of stash. It is sad to say good bye to these fantastic bunch of competitors, but it is a competition and we are trying to find give away the title of THE BIGGEST USER.

This week's challenge is based on the challenge given by Ngaire on her blog Beautiful Like a Rainbow. But the competitors must use 10 different manufacturers products on their page, and bonus points will be given for manufacturers over 10. The layout must contain a photo of themselves and the word beautiful in the title. Look forward to seeing what everyone creates this week. Check them all out HERE

To get through to Challenge 6, the 5 Biggest Users - combining scores from the first 5 challenges - minus the bonus points - will be tallied, these 5 users will then go through to round 6. Where the Biggest User will be the layout with the most points for this layout only. No bonus points will be given for Challenge 6, it will be based purely on points alone, and the amount of stash used.

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