Saturday, 24 December 2011

I more sleep......1 more challenge!!!

Some of you will have noticed how organised Barbie is, getting her layouts ready before events, so all she needs to do is add a photo. I think at this busy time of year, that is an especially good idea, so I am challenging you all to pre-prepare a layout ready for your Christmas photos. (Not that it will be much in advance with the big day only........1 MORE SLEEP!!!)
Here are a couple I prepared earlier......



Friday, 23 December 2011

Thursday Challenge

Oops sorry a day late with my challenge.

So will make it an easy one for about doing a layout with 1 of everything...
eg 1 photo, 1 word in the title, 1 cardstock, 1 pattern paper, 1 flower..etc..this also goes with using tools and  techniques....

And seeing as it is, well yesterday it was the 22nd, I would like a total of 22 things done on the page...

Now I know this sounds a lot with only being able to put 1 of each thing...but you could have stamped once, inked once, distressed once, sprayed with glimmermist once, punched, sewn etc......and this is even before you start to add your bits.

Anyway, hope you have a go.

Merry Christmas to everyone, stay safe...catch you next year.

Marg. xx

Tuesday, 20 December 2011

It's beginning to look a lot like Christmas ...

yes it is ... it's not long now before the big red man finds his way to my house and I know that I've been good [ahem, kinda good ... I guess].  Ummmmm ... most of the time!!!

Come on Santa, you know I have ...

Right then.

Christmas to me decorating our house, well the majority is done in good ol' traditional colours, you know the ones, the greens, the reds, the golds, throw in a little white ... something like that.

My challenge to you ... scrap something in the traditional Christmas colours - black and white are allowed as well.  Well actually, you don't need to scrap something, just be a little creative using the traditional Christmas colours.

Don't forget to upload to the gallery and share with us all.

Merry Christmas to you all from me - from across the ditch.
Take care and enjoy the Christmas festivities.
Michelle [aka Mrs Frizz]

Saturday, 17 December 2011

Weekend Challenge

For this challenge I would like you to do
Use Christmas PP.
chipboard [mine was Twiddly Bits fence.]
more than 5 photos.
BLING..lots of bling as it is CHRISTMAS!!
Here is my example.
 Have fun.
Barbie xx

Thursday, 15 December 2011

Thursday's Challenge

Good morning all,

This week I would like you to create a black, white with 2 extra colours layout.

Here is my creation for a gf wedding album - I have not added the photo as I promised her I would not share her photos on the web.

Sorry about the shadows under the flowers - bulky items don't scan too well!  Here bridesmaids wore purple and red - so the whole album is going to be black/white with purple and red embellishments.

Have fun creating
xxx Mish

Tuesday, 13 December 2011

Tuesdays Challenge

For this challenge I would like you
to use x2 PP one to use as embellishment paper.
stickers [because I love them]
and you probably have heaps of OLD ones.
Have fun with this challenge

Friday, 9 December 2011

Weekend Challenge

Hi all,

Boy oh boy the weekend came around very fast this week...well all the weeks seem to be going to fast, not long now before we will be doing Christmas.

Actually we are doing a bit of Christmas this weekend as our DD who lives in Perth is coming up with her DH. And seeing as we won't get to see them again before New Year we will exchange prezzies this weekend.

So my challenge to you is to do a layout about family...I hope to get some nice pics from the weekend to scrap.

Not going to make it that easy though...I would like you to do it in traditional Christmas red and green...and seeing as it is about Family I would like "Family" to be in your title.

Ok have a wonderful weekend everyone, don't forget to share in the gallery.

Ps...did anyone have a go at the Christmas Wreath??

Take care and stay safe.
Marg. x

Tuesday, 6 December 2011

Tuesdays Challenge

I challenge you to do a LO with out putting a pic onto it.

Just so you can get ready for those HOLIDAY pics you havnt taken yet. 

This is my example, I have used one of my favourite Bella Die cut papers.


Friday, 2 December 2011

A Weekend Challenge for you

Hi Guys,

My challenge for you this weekend is to create a layout within a layout....

What you say?

Well - you create a mini layout - to use on your layout...

Check out my example!
Here is a  mini layout I have created using the absolutely gorgeous December D'luxe Kit. I could be used as a mini layout all alone, but you will notice in the bottom left hand corner I have used the  layout as an embellishment on my page.

So now it's your turn to create a mini layout and use it as an embellishment on your page.


Thursday, 1 December 2011

Thursday Challenge - Christmas Decoration

Hi everyone,
Ok as promised the instructions for the Christmas wreath…this was not my idea, I saw it on the net and loved it.
Ingredients –
Old book, piece of card 12 x 12, bit of ribbon to hang it from, Christmas ornaments for the centre.
Tools –
Pen to mark the circles, sticky tape, stapler, hot glue gun, something to punch a hole to hang it from...a blade to slice the edge of the pages from the book.
First up, mark 2 circles on your card – 8” and 4” then put a dot in the middle…punch a hole for hanging.  I also trimmed the corners off the card as they may show once the wreath is finished.
Slice the edge of the pages so as they come away from the the fun want to create a cone shape. Practice on a few so as you can get them as even as you can. I always rolled from the cut edge, putting my finger on the bottom point and rolling the top of the same side to create the cone.
Then secure with some tape. Then about an inch from the bottom put a staple...see the pic. Do this on all the cones....think you will need about 90.

Now crank up your hot glue gun, you are going to start sticking them so as the staple is on the 8" circle you will be putting your glue just under the line.

Start at 12 then 6 then 9 then 3 o' doing this you will keep it a bit even. Do this until the whole circle is filled.

Continue this way with the cones on the 4" mark, putting them in between the gaps. I did about 2 layers on this mark just so as I filled all the spaces.

Then do one more layer filling in the middle...see the pic.

Now all you have to do is glue in some Chrissy Decorations in the middle and hang it for everyone to admire.

This is the finished Wreath, I will give it to my daughter as a prezzie.
This is bigger than you think it will be, measures about 2 feet or 60cm if you are not sure how big 2 feet is.

Why not have a go at making one and share with us in the gallery what you come up with.
 My friend Tina made one and filled the middle with roses, looked awesome.

Have fun, hope you are able to understand my instructions.

Marg. xx

December's D'luxe Designer Kit

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December's D'Luxe Designer Kit

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