Thursday, 30 June 2011

a Challenge ...

and it's my turn to put a challenge up.

I've had my thinking cap on and trust me ... no idea on why I thought of this one ...

But here it is.

My challenge ... grab your camera.  I want you to take a photo, if need be take more than one photo if you like scrapping multi photo layouts.

But I want you to take your photo from the inside of your home, looking out.  No staged photos in any way, shape or form.

If you open up your garage door, stand in the garage doorway and take a photo of what you see, looking out.

If you open up your kitchen window, your front door, your back door, your bedroom window ... take a photo looking out and scrap it.

It's a view you see every day ... but have you scrapped it before now?

I want you to promise me, that the better part of your body is actually inside, when you are taking your photo.

Make sense?

Hope so.

Now get creative, both with your camera and your creativity.
Don't forget to upload into the gallery.
Wrap up warm.
Michelle [aka Mrs Frizz]

Designer Kit Sneak Peek

Cheery and colourful....

Wednesday, 29 June 2011

Tuesday, 28 June 2011

July Designer Kit Sneak Peeks....

Bright, and bubbly

Tuesday Challenge.....

From This to This in..........not very long at all! I forgot to time it but it really wasn't very long!)

Yesterday I found wht I thought was an address book, reduced from $20 to $2. When I took the cover off I found they had cleverly placed the 10 page address book over the  front of an (almost half way through the year) Diary! Sneaky. But $2.00 is $2.00 so I went ahead and decorated it, although a little less extravagantly since it won't be as well used as I first thought!
I have used 2 scraps of paper (October Afternoon and MME), Some lace, a rub on and a flower made using my Tim Holtz die.

Now go forth and create something which was previously something else....... That's it. The Challenge is alter or create something Off the Page.
Good luck..Happy Scrapping!


Friday, 24 June 2011

Weekend Challenge

Hi all,
My turn for the weekend challenge.
I would like you to do a layout about one part of your body you couldn't do without.
I have done my feet!
I drew around my foot, cut it out and walagh!!
Have fun.
Barbie. x

Thursday, 23 June 2011

Thursday's Challenge....

Good morning everyone, I am rushing out the door to work today and I quickly remembered that it was my turn to set the blog challenge.

Mine is going to be a little bit of a challenge - but will also be fun...

What I would like you to do is try something NEW!!!!

Recently I discovered a canvas making Technique that I have thoroughly fallen in love with and when I get time will continue making a load more of them - not sure what for yet - but I will make some more. Might have to start giving them away or my wall will be covered in them... LOL

Thanks to Nic Pomeroy for the inspiration. My canvases can be seen in the gallery along with 2 that my DD and her friend have made.

So your challenge is to use the internet, magazines, whatever (Youtube is a great place to discover and learn techniques) to find a NEW technique and try it out!

Have fun, and catch you all soon.

Have a great Thursday

Tuesday, 21 June 2011

Tuesdays Challenge

Good morning everyone. My turn for the challenge today.

I would like you to do a layout using only 1 piece of card stock and 1 piece of patterned paper.
1 large photo
1 recycled item - please state.
You also have to use at least 3 items from your stash that you have had for a long time...please state, is always interesting to see what others have been hording.

Even with all these things I would like you to still leave plenty of "white space"

This is my example...first page I have done of our new Grand Baby.

The PP is Little Yellow Bicycle

The recycled item is some wool that Barbie gave me ages ago..I have used it to frame the photo. (I used brads in the corners of the frame)

Items from my stock - the little silver heart was also a gift from Barbie, years ago..Thanks. .It was always just to bright for me, but I have painted it with alcohol ink and am pleased with the result.
I stamped the paper inside the frame as well as the date, also stamped the little pink circle tag that I have had for ever.

The other adore tag  and the little clear tag are left over from kits.

The flowers I have just dipped into liquid chalk to give a little extra colour..the flower up the top was a gift from Mrs Frizz. thanks!!

The punch is a new MS that just came in the other day, will try to load it on-line today.

Have fun and don't forget to share in the gallery.


Friday, 17 June 2011

It's the weekend ...

and I'm more than happy to say that ... two days ... and hopefully a little creating will make me a happy camper.

So ... your challenge this weekend ladies is a colour challenge.

I was using this platter at work recently and thought to myself, must take a photo of said platter [and I did] ... so use the colours and go forth and create.

Don't forget to upload into the gallery.
Happy creating.
Signing out
Michelle [aka Mrs Frizz]

P.S. a little black is allowed ... have fun.

Thursday, 16 June 2011

I saw a sunrise!

I've been wanting to photograph a sunrise for ages but not enough to actually get out of bed and do it! lol!
Then on Sunday,  I went fishing (yes, fishing!...on a boat!.... it's been a while - 15 or more years but I caught lots!!) and we had to be up before the sun. I got some great photos. It was very foggy and freezing and my camera chose that moment to not play nicely so I couldn't quite capture all the shots I wanted...but I got a few including this one. Isn't it pretty?!?

I am going to scrap this photo...(sorry I didn't get it done already as an example for you) and my challenge for you is to also  scrap something scenic. If you don't have a photo, I can recommend getting up early to take one! Or  there's always the eclipse at 2am tonight if you dare....... happy snapping..happy scrappin


Saturday, 11 June 2011

Good frosty morning too you!

It is a little bit cold here this morning, but I am snug in my warm office catching up on bookwork before I head out to the weekend sporting events...

My challenge for you this weekend is to create a page about YOU! Yes YOU RIGHT NOW!

Each year our goals and achievements change - so we should continue to create our story as the years go along.

My challenge is for you to create your page using embellishments that signify your age. That is for me who is of double figures age this year - I would use 4 blossoms, 4 brads, 4 patterned paper and so on.

Looking forward to seeing your layouts in the gallery when the weekend is over!

xxx Mish

Thursday, 9 June 2011

Thursday Challenge

Hi there,

How are you all coping with this cold weather?

My challenge for you is to do a "P" know - pets, projects, points of interest, pool etc...anything that you can use a large P in your title.

Also using P Paper, punches, paints can use lots of other things as well, just state in your comments in the gallery what P things you used.

Have fun, don't forget to share in the gallery for a chance to win a voucher.
I will try to get a page done and load later.

Marg. x

Tuesday, 7 June 2011

And it's Tuesday ...

Time for another crafty challenge .

Are you ready ???

Recently we were challenged to use our punches and just quietly, I have a few of them.

They seem to be the 'go to' tool of choice in my scrap room at the moment.

I've used my circle punch [two different sizes], a diamond edge punch, a scalloped edge punch, a frond punch and wait for it ... I was using a wee brick punch and punching out bricks and then I noticed the edge left over and thought to myself, am going to have to use that as well.

So ... if you are short a punch or two, whip into the shop and have a wee nosey ... Marg has got plenty of punches on offer.

And something a little different from me ... If you are wondering what it is that is under my layout texture-wise, it is a little gesso. This is the first time that I have used gesso on a layout [that I've shared] and I quite like the effect and I like it even more on another layout that I have been creating where I have added a little glimmermist ... but we will leave that one for another day.

There you have it ... dig out those punches ladies and be creative ... use them, work them, punch with them instead of leaving them sitting there gathering dust.

Don't forget to share your creativity in the gallery.

Happy creating.
Michelle [aka Mrs Frizz]

P.S. and yep, I'm still looking for that pot of gold!!!!  A friend of mine took these photos on her new fandangled camera and shared them with me ... lucky me ... thank you Nadine.

Saturday, 4 June 2011

Yaaaayyyyy....a Long weekend!!!

For those of us in WA there is no excuse not to be scrapping at some point this weekend....we have a long weekend!
My challenge for you this weekend is a sketch which I designed myself, and an example:

Have fun creating...I certainly did!


Thursday, 2 June 2011

Barbie's Thursday Challenge

Today I challenge you to use the leftovers from a Die Cut Out Sheet.

We all have these left over and tend to just throw them out - but now I challenge you to use them on your layouts. I have used mine as the background to my layout over the top of my PP.

Look forward to seeing yours in the gallery.

Wednesday, 1 June 2011

June Designer Kit Release

Ensemble Ces Tout

Featuring KAISERscrapbooking's "Velvet Ensemble" range
* Maritime
* Stage Show
* Opera
* Costume
* Interval
* Tags
* 12 x 12 Stickers
* Theatre Overlay

* Bazzill Cardstock

* DreamStreet Urban Ink Alphabet

* Bella Petite Alphabet Stickers

* KAISERscrapbook's "Olde World" Brads

* KAISERscrapbook's Lace

* KAISERscrapbook's Blossoms

* KAISERscrapbook's Wood Plaques

* Velvet Ribbon

* Twiddleybitz Paris Lamp Post

* Bella Square Frames

* Pre-cut Flowers with the instructions to assemble
Check out the Designer's use of the Kit in the Newsletter HERE