Thursday, 10 July 2008

Busy Busy Busy

So here is the reason that the shop is not getting finished... Some 20000+ trees being planted!

The shop building has been put on hold for tree planting, and typical when you want to put sheets of tin on the roof the wind always blows up!
Digging holes for the verandah posts
Putting up the verandah posts
Guttering going on!

How cute is that bullnose verandah!
Ohhh sheets of iron on the roof!
Again the forum is down!!!!!!!
We are in the process of purchasing our own forum - so then this shouldnt happen.. We will keep you up to date!


Anonymous said...

looks great...

congrats on your 3000th visitor :) :) :)

lis xx

Sharon said...

Wow Marg, your shop is really starting to take just won't know yourself when it is all finished and working. I really want to come and visit!!!!