Wednesday, 22 October 2008

ITS A SHOP!!!!!!

Its nearly done!!!!

The kitchen being fitted!

It's at lock up stage!

Preparation for the floorings! Ohhh is that a bit of labouring eye candy?

The carpet layers doing what they do best!

A cuppa anyone???

Of course the resident Scrapping Queen - had to be first in the shop to buy something! What have you cleared the shelves already Barbie?

The shop fittings being put together in the shearing shed! Must mean the sheep need to be put in the shed soon!

Cheeky Buggers - flipped a couple of birdies on the way!

The 'bird flippers' putting those hands to good use putting together the tables for the scrappers to mess up!

OH NO! Barbies been already and cleared the shelves!

Nah just kidding - its all been packed up ready for


This weekend - Bruce Rock Town Hall!

What is that I hear?

You can't make it?

Don't Stress....


being held in the Forum this weekend

Join the Designers for a weekend of challenges and games!


Susan C said...

This is looking fantastic!

Mrs Frizz said...

Looking pretty impressive ... wow!

Anonymous said...

WOW oh WOW how cool does this look well done to all Barbie I see already cleaning up !!!!


Sharon said...

Looks sensational Marg....congratulations on a job well done. YOu won't know yourself with so much room.