Sunday, 30 November 2008

Twelve Days Of Christmas

Guess what....

It is happening again this year!

The 12 Days of Christmas Specials...

Each Day a new item or product range will be on special for the day.  You will have until MIDNIGHT of the day that the item is on special to order it at the discounted price.

Your items will be tallied up and you will be sent an invoice total for the final total at the end of the sale!

So in otherwords -

Order the product that is on special - do not place in your basket - you must send the order through to the SHOP! Marg will then physically place that item in your basket.  At the end of the 12 days - your basket will be totalled with all discounts applied and you will be sent the total owing.  No other prizes, discounts may be redeemed at this time.  Gift vouchers will be accepted.

The first day of Christmas begins 1st December!

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