Saturday, 31 January 2009

Feb Kit step by step and sketch you like the new kit?? Do you love the idea of the add on kit?? i know I do!
It gives you so much more to play with and to help make your LO's 'pop'.

I have created a step by step for you using this gorgeous kit and add-on.
I have also created my own sketch as well. i hope you like it.
Here goes.......

Step one.
Using the threaded water punch (available from the shop) create a scalloped edge down the side of the ‘Sugar Cookie’ paper. You then need to trim this strip so that it is 23cms long. If you don’t have this punch use a different one or create your own scalloped edge. I have also gone along and punched another hole in between the other holes. Here is a photo to show you what I mean. Sorry for the terrible picture!!

Step two.
Using the same paper cut a strip 2cms wide x 28cms long You need to them glue both pieces to the white cardstock. I have done it so the scallop is pink and the strip orange. The pink strip is 2.5cms from left hand side and the orange butts up against the pink, making sure equal amounts top and bottom.Step three.
Using the butterscotch paper cut a strip 10cms wide by 25cms long. Glue this piece down (hearts side up) so that it slightly overlaps the orange and again equal amounts top and bottom.

Step four.
Using the Raspberry Cream paper cut a piece 11cms x 15cms. Glue this down (pinky side up) so that it overlaps the last piece by about 3cms and is about 2 cms lower down the page. See the photo if I am confusing you! LOL.

Step five.
Again using the raspberry cream paper cut a strip 4cms wide by 15cms wide. Stick it down (striped side up) running horizontally and butting up against the last piece you stuck down. Again see photo.

Step six.
Now its time to stick your photo on. In my sketch I have drawn it for one photo, but in my example I have used two. Use as many as you want.

Step seven.
Now you need to stick on your title.

Step eight.
Now embellish and make it your own!!!
The first photo shows the Lo using the kit.
The second photo shows the LO using the kit and the add-on kit.


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