Monday, 9 February 2009

Anyone up for a bit of Blind Scrapping??

Thought I might have a go at providing you all with a blind scrapping challenge, so go forth and gather your supplies :)

You will need: 1 x cardstock for the base
1 x patterned paper 18.5cm x 17cm
1 x patterned paper 4.5cm x 26.5cm
1 x patterned paper 30cm x 9.5cm - I scalloped the bottom edge, but you could tear it.
1 x ribbon or lace 17cm long
1 x photo - mine is 10cm x 11cm
Chipboard, sticker or rub on alphas for title
Tiny alphas for sub title
Blossoms, chipboard shapes, bling for embellishing.

Ok, here goes:

Distress and/or ink the edges of your patterned paper.

Take the 30cm x 9.5cm piece of pp and place along the bottom edge of the cardstock. Mine is about 2cm up from the bottom with the scallops facing down.

Next, take the 4.5cm x 26.5cm strip of pp and place down the left hand side. Mine is about 2.5cm from the left edge and overhangs the bottom piece slightly.

Place the 3rd piece of pp over the strip and bottom pieces. Mine is about 4.5cm in from the left edge and about 6cm down from the top.

Are you still with me??

Now place your photo on the 3rd piece of pp. Because mine is almost square, it fits nicely, and I placed it about 6.5cm from the left edge and about 10.5cm up from the bottom.

Place the piece of ribbon or lace along the bottom of the 3rd piece of pp, up about 1cm and extending onto the scalloped strip.

There you go - nice and easy, and hopefully understandable.

Place your title on the right hand side of the pic, with your sub title under the ribbon or lace strip, and place your other embellishments to make the lo your own.

Mine will be shown in the CPC February Mid Month newsletter.

Please upload yours into the Gallery , and I will choose one to show here on the blog :)

So, what are you waiting for??? Dont forget to share - I will :)

Thanks for taking my blind challenge

Deb (aka TD)

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