Friday, 31 July 2009

We Bid Farewell to Julie

Julie, Julie, Julie!
What are we going to do without you?
Yes, it's true - Our Fun Loving Julie has called it quits.
Her life, her loves, her family have all taken her in a different direction. Her busy schedule of work, renovating and family - not in that order - has meant that she feels that she can no longer fully commit to being a Designer with Country Papercraft.
It is with great sadness that we bid her farewell, because I don't think those who read our newsletter fully understand the amount of commitment that Julie has devoted to the Designers. Julie was one of the inaugural Designers - and since then she has been creating stunning layouts and challenges for each fortnightly newsletter. Julie has been our Theme Junkie! Every quarter she organises us all by collating all the themes that will feature in the next 3 months worth of newsletters. Her dedication to creating these themes is priceless! I know I for one will be missing her organisational skills.
Julie's forte is creating boy layouts with that little twist - usually the addition of flowers and baling! She has a great way with colour choices and combinations of patterns. Julie has a flair for mini albums - which we all are in awe of. Her ability to make others around her laugh is going to be sorely missed, as a member of the Designers.
Julie, thank you from the bottom of our hearts - we will truly miss you as a member of the Design Team! We look forward to you still dropping in and chatting in the forum and sharing your layouts in the gallery. I am sure you won't disappear from our lives completely. And don't forget there is always 'Facebook'.
Thank you once again - and we wish you all the best with whatever direction your life takes you in from here. Thank you for your dedication and devotion to the Designers - you will truly be missed!

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