Friday, 5 February 2010

Valentine's Day

Hope you have all remembered that Valentine’s Day is coming up ... you know that special day of love ... although to me every day should be a special day of love!

Want to whip up a card that really doesn’t take too long at all ?

Go on, you know you do!

Let me share.

You are going to need the following materials :

2 pieces of cardstock
1 piece of felt
Embroidery thread
Adhesive [double sided tape]

Grab a piece of cardstock to use as your base, I have used pink.

I cut my base cardstock 9” long by 4 ½” deep. Score and fold in half.

Ink around all the edges.

Cut a piece of white cardstock 4” x 4” and ink around the edges ... simple really.

Grab a piece of felt, yep, good old crafting felt comes in handy [check out the huge variety of colours in the shop].

Cut out a heart shape – mine is approximately 3” in size – now you can either do this freehand or do what I did.

I jumped on the computer and opened ‘Word’ – opened my drawing tools and found the heart shape, sized and resized and printed it off on to normal paper, cut it out and then placed it on the back side of the felt, I drew around it and then cut it out. It truly didn't take that long, honest!

Once you have cut out your felt heart, put adhesive on the back of the heart, I used double sided tape and then you stick it down on white cardstock.

Now grab a paper piercer and make holes around the heart into the cardstock and pierce a hole into the felt heart as well, similar distances right around the heart ... make sense ... I’m sure it does.

Needle and thread, in my case, I dug into my sewing box and chose black embroidery thread and then I have stitched all the way around the heart using long stitches backwards and forwards.

Easiest way of doing this is stitching from the back to the front first through the pierced hole into the felt – you can’t always see the hole in the felt if you are stitching through the top to the bottom in the heart ... hope that doesn’t sound too confusing.

Use adhesive [double sided tape] on the back of the white cardstock and adhere to base cardstock, in my case the pink cardstock.

Grab some alphas, put on a greeting or title and voila ... you are done.

Hopefully you have a card that looks something like this.

Now that wasn't too hard ... be honest!

Don't forget to share.

Happy creating.

Signing off
Michelle [aka Mrs Frizz]
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