Friday, 5 March 2010

Weekend challenges

Here it is ... your weekend challenge this weekend.

How about you put together a 12x12 layout - okay so far ... I'm sure it is.

BUT ... I want you to only use ONE piece of cardstock and ONE piece of patterned paper – any embellishments that you decide to use must be handmade from that one piece of cardstock and / or that one piece of patterned paper AND you must use more than one photo.

How's that ... nice and easy ... nothing difficult about it!

You may use paints, stamps, inks, glimmermists, punches, sewing [machine or handsewing – you can use embroidery thread for this challenge - I'm being nice] ... but no pre-made or bought embellishments for example., no lace, ribbons, bling etc.

Any questions ???

Here's my example layout.

Your layout should be uploaded into the gallery before midnight WA time on Sunday night. Or Link your layout in the comments section of this post!

Have fun creating.
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