Friday, 14 May 2010

Weekend challenge ...

Yep, siree ... it's Friday again. The week has disappeared, just like that and it's time for the weekend and hopefully there will be a little time to be creative.

This weekend I thought we would have a colour challenge.

So here we go ... with a little help from Mish ... she did the colour thingymajig for me ...

A little white, a little blue, a little orange and a little brown.

More than happy to see a little black in there as well.

I'm sure that you will be able to work with these colours - no problems at all ... so ... along with the colour combo challenge how about we add a little something ... you need to use more than one photo and do something to your photos. If you are clever, feel free to photoshop your pics and pop a border of sorts on them ... or be like me ... I grabbed a piece of sand paper and sanded lightly around the edges and then used pine cone ink.

Oh wow ... another layout with DS with old photos ... I will add journalling to this layout, I've got a feeling these pics were taken when he had just turned 7 ...

Happy creating and don't forget to add your layout to the gallery or link back here.
Enjoy your weekend everyone.
Signing out.
Michelle aka Mrs Frizz
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