Tuesday, 18 May 2010

Weekly Blog Update

Well it must be time for a make and do project me thinks!

This week, I thought I would show you how to make an album using A4 envelopes!

I made this one for my parents who did a tour of NZ a couple of years back.


3 or 4 A4 envelopes (you can use bigger or smaller if you like - but this size make a great small album easy to fit into your travel pack)
3 pieces of cardstock cut slightly smaller than the envelopes.
2 Sheets of hard card - ie packing board or chipboard - cut to fit the size of half the envelope. This makes the cover firm
Patterned papers (scraps are excellent for this)
and anything else you would like to add

Step 1:

Place your first envelope out flat with the flap facing right

Place the two sheets of card into the envelope & Seal the flap. The card should be able to move so that you are able to punch your holes in the centre (a later step)

Then layer 1 sheet of your cardstock

Then add another envelope with the flap facing left

 Then add another piece of cardstock

Then another envelope with the flap facing right

Finish with a final sheet of cardstock

Fold the whole thing in half (I found it was easier to do singularly)

Mark the centre line with 3 evenly spaced marks. Punch  holes using a Crop-o-dile or "Anywhere Hole Punch".  Thread ribbon through the holes to hold your book together.

Decorate each page - and there you have it! A travel album with loads of pockets to fit momentos that you collect along the way. Remembering when you decorate the envelopes if you put any brads or the like through it it will stop your envelopes from working IYKWIM.  I found it easier to cut my Paper to the size of the page then decorate each page before adhering to the envelope.

Hope you have fun putting this together - and don't forget to share your creations in the gallery.


Julze said...
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Julze said...

I deleted above comment as I can't spell..LOL! I love this...what a great idea!

Mrs Frizz said...

Brilliant ... what an awesome wee project ... on my to do list ... that keeps growing for some reason!

Melissa said...

This is really cool. Great Idea! Thanks!