Tuesday, 15 June 2010

Handmade Flowers Mrs Frizz Style

The flowers that I made in my examples were using a 6x6 BG Capella pad from the CPC shop.

I’ve punched out a dozen circles using two different sized punches.

Depending on how many layers I’ve used.

Bottom layer can be a round circle.  Distress edges and ink – sometimes I also completely scrunch up and half-pie flatten out before inking.

Next circle ... I tear into five segments ... not completely into the middle though [say from the edge in about 1 cm or thereabouts – I play really] ... I then distress and curl each ripped edge a little bit ... sometimes I also put in another tiny tear into the edge of each segment and I mean, tiny, and I curl that a little as well.  I then grab my ink pad and ink edges and tweak a little with the petals.

Top layer or one of the top layers, depending on how many you are using. Do the same again and tweak a little more after distressing and inking.

I’ve then put lace on the very top and then Prima bling on top of that.  Sometimes I also use my paper piercer and thread through stamens.  On some flowers I use buttons, all sorts of toppings.

Between each of the layers I have used pop up foam adhesive to give them height.

So there you have it ... happy creating.

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Sharon said...

Gorgeous flowers, they look so good. Thanks for the tutorial