Saturday, 28 August 2010

and ... it's the weekend ...

Another weekend has rolled around and wow September is knocking on my door - time stands still for no one.

And talking about time - how many times have you started something creative and walked away - you've run out of time to finish a project, your project just wasn't a happening thing, you didn't know how to finish a layout, you didn't like where your layout or OTP was going, the direction it was going in ?

Me!!!  Yep, I'm so guilty of doing just that.

I've got so many unfinished projects buried in piza boxes and honestly, some of them haven't made it to a pizza box - read here, still lying on the floor - I kid you not!

So my weekend challenge this weekend for all of you ... to get out something that you have started that has remained unfinished.

Remember those paper flowers I made before I went on holiday - well I could actually do something with them - or I could finish a layout featuring one of my girlfriends young daughters or I could finish a layout that I started forever ago that has a photo of DS on it.

Yes, I could finish one of those wee projects.

So this time, your weekend challange will need to show a before and after shot.

Happy creating and enjoy the satisfaction afterwards of having actually finished something that has been on your 'to do' list.
Mrs Frizz


Julze said...

ooooh that sounds so much like me, Michelle! I have got SO MANY UFP's but paper-craft and fabric!

Rach said...

Me too! I have one so close to being finished! I am so going to do it now, this weekend! Can't wait to see what you do Julze!