Thursday, 30 September 2010

Embellishment Class No 1 - Felt Flowers

Last night we did an embellishment class, I thought I would share with you the projects we made.

This is the first one.

Felt flowers.

You will need –

 Felt

 Brads

 Needle and cotton

 Liquid chalks and slick writer

 Blank paper to make a template and pencil

 Scissors

 Hot glue gun

 Leave stamps and stazon ink
Now take your pencil and paper and make a template. the purple flower has 7 petals about 1.5" high and the white flowers have 5 petals, one 2" high and the other 1" high.
cut out your template and when you are happy with the shapes cut your felt.
Now take your slick writer are draw stitcher around the purple petals, then take your liquid chalks are shade around the petals of the white...I did yellow along the bottom and around the petals then went over the bottom with an orange. Doesn't show up very well with this pic, sorry.

Ok onto the sewing...well not really sewing.....well ok, sewing but not that
Take your needle and do a running stitch along the bottom of the cut outs. Then pull this as tight as you can securing on the back with a few stitches...which actually stitch up to about as far as the petals come down to...IYKWIM. Do this on all of the flowers.

Add some brads to them and more chalk around the edges if you all that is left to do is add some leaves. I stamped some leaves with Stazon onto the green felt, cut them out and hot glued them onto the flowers.

Thanks for taking the time to check out our blog, please share with us, in the gallery, if you get to make any.
Please also leave a comment if you have any questions, would love to hear from you.
Will post another step by step on the other things we made in the embellishment class soon.
Until next time, take care, Marg.

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Mrs Frizz said...

oh wow ... stunning, stunning, stunning ... I'm going to be digging out the felt this weekend ... thank you for sharing.