Friday, 29 October 2010

Halloween is Here!!!!!!!!

Well almost!
I know we don't really do Halloween in Australia, but the last couple of years my kids have wanted to, and we're all up for any excuse to dress up! Mostly, that's what it's about for them...not the trick or treating as much (though if they knock on a door and someone offers them lollies, there is NO WAY they are walking away empty handed! lol!!)
So because I have some Halloween photos to scrap, I thought you might all like to play along.
You have 2 choices for this challenge.......
A) Scrap a Halloween themed layout; or
B) Scrap a layout using Halloween colours - ie. orange, green and black - but not necessarily about Halloween.

Here is my layout meeting the criteria for A: (Halloween Theme)

And this one is B), because it is Halloween colours but definitely not Halloween Theme!
You can see I have included other colours in small amounts. Just so long as your layout is obviously orange, green and black, you can go into the monthly prize draw (no pressure.....the end of the month is hours away!!!) lol!  Can you hear me cracking my witches whip??!?!?!!? (Insert evil laugh here...)

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