Thursday, 21 October 2010

Thursday is Challenge Day also!

Today's Challenge is a blind scrapping challenge

So you need 1 sheet of cardstock

4 strips 2inches x 12 inches of patterned paper

1 circle - 4 inches in diameter of patterned paper

1 photo 6 x 4 portrait photo (meaning the longest side of the photo is the up and down edge)

3 photos 2 x 3 portrait photo

Embellishments and alphas to make your layout your own

Take the sheet of cardstock

Adhere the first strip of pp 2 inches from the left hand side of your cardstock
Trim some length second strip of pp and adhere to the left hand side of your cardstock, slightly overlapping the first strip of cardstock
Take the 3rd strip of pp and adhere to the bottom of your layout - about 2 inches from the bottom, overlapping the pp that runs vertical
Take the 4th and final strip and trim some length off it and adhere on the bottom of the other horizontally running strip

Take the circle and adhere on the lower left hand corner of your layout, slightly overlapping the strips of pp

Place your 6 x 4 photo on the circle, overlapping so that the top of the photo is on the cardstock
Take your 3 smaller photos and align, so that the centre of the small photo is in line with the centre of you large photo - adhere them in a straight line - from left to right across your layout

Take some alphabets and create your title underneath your photo

Embellish your layout to make it your own.

Load your layout into the GALLERY by the end of October to go in the draw for the prize voucher

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