Sunday, 28 November 2010

November Christmas Card Challenge 4 - Use stamps and bling

CHALLENGE 4 - Use stamps and bling on your card!

On my card I have used a Autumn Leaves Rhonna Farrer Bird stamp, the Fundamentals Xmas music stamp, red and cream Bazzil cardstock, and some Kaiser rhinestone strips.

When you make your stamped and blinged out card, upload it to the Chrismas Card Gallery and select the gallery for challenge 4. You have until Midnight Tuesday 30th Nov to get your card image in there to be included in the prize draw.


**** If you have found this challenge just recently, don't fret you can still participate! Just have your card images sumbitted in all four categories in the Christmas Card Gallery by no later than Midnight Nov 30th WST, and you will be in with a chance to win! **********

Every Sunday in November there will be a new card challenge prompt going onto the blog, and for people who complete all four challenges and add your card photos to the Christmas Card Gallery by November 30th, your names will be put in the draw for a Christmas themed prize, drawn on December 1st.

The idea with this challenge is to get a production line going, so as added incentive to make more than one card, for those of you who decide to make at least five cards for each challenge prompt, you'll get your name added to the draw an extra time for each set.

For example, for completing all four challenges and uploading the images to the gallery by November 30th, you'll have your name in the draw. BUT if you say make five cards for two prompts, you'll get your name in the draw another two times, or if you complete at least 5 cards for each prompt, you'll end up with your name in the draw five times! If you are making multiples, you can decide if all your cards will be the same design, or a different design for each one, based on the prompt that is put up. Just make sure we can see all the cards when you photograph them!

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