Tuesday, 7 December 2010

Fabric Rose

Hi all,
I was putting together a Step by Step for this ribbon rose that I will be sharing with you on the 16th Dec.
Don't forget to check back for the instructions.

Now what was I saying?? oh yeah, while I had the hot glue gun out I thought I would make some Calico roses as well. I had some scraps of fabric left over from a project on the weekend.
Here is what I did.
First draw a spiral circle, ( the piece of fabric would have been about 3" square)  try to keep the gaps even, this is harder than you think, you automatically start small and go bigger...well resist the temptation to do this and keep them all the same.
Then  cut it out, don't stay on the line, make a wave as you cut.
Now take the end and wind it around something, I used a pencil, if it was paper I would use a quilling tool.
When you have finished sit it on the little round bit that is in the middle of the circle and play with it until you have it looking as you want. - you might want to tighten the centre or loosen it a bit.
When you are happy with it stick it to the round bit with some hot glue. Now all you have to do it spray it with some glimmermist to make it what ever colour you need.

Have a go and share with us in the gallery...this is not a challenge just something for fun.

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