Thursday, 16 December 2010

Ribbon Roses - Step by Step

Materials and tools –

Hot glue gun
Piece of laminate or something similar
Something to poke with.
I also used some pearls on the one I made for a demo.

1. Cut a length of ribbon – think mine was about 25cm, staple the ends to the piece of laminate.

2. Cut more ribbon into about 20cm lengths…will be different for wider or narrower will just have to play around to see what fits best. Normally I have needed about 6 bits to fill the first strip.

3. Roll one end of the ribbon tightly about 3 or 4 times, then fold ribbon over itself and then keep rolling until you have gone past the fold. Check the diagram I drew for you…was just too hard to take pics of this. Fold again and continue like this until there is only about 1 ½ “ of ribbon left.

Sometimes there will be a little bit sticking out from under the rose...not sure why, so I just cut it!

See the little bit sticking out?? Chop it!! will sit flatter when you do.
Now put some hot glue on your ribbon you have stapled to the laminate. Then press the rose into it.
With the tail that hasn't been folded, twist it and stick down with some more glue. Holding it there with something until it dries. (I used my poker thingy) when it is dry you can trim it off and put the next lot of glue right on top of it for the next rose.

When you get to the last rose, stick as per the others then twist the rest of it and take right around the rose and stick under the front...see pic, that might show what I'm saying...well it might!! where the poker is...well that is where you will stick it. Oh dear that didn't sound know what I mean.
Now you are ready to peel it off the laminate and trim off any excess glue, you cannot help with glue guns, well I cannot anyway, getting webs of glue.
I also now added a pearl in the middle of the roses. thought it added just that little extra. You could put your roses closer together if you wanted....they cost about $2.00 to make, if that.

Ok now this was not the easiest class to take pics of as I had to hold the ribbon…hope you are able to work it out by my instructions, if not please leave a comment and I will get back to you.
Wishing everyone a Very Merry Christmas,


Anonymous said...

Thanks for this, Marg.I love the instructions, so technical...NOT, thingy, etc. Just love it. Can see why it would be impossible to take photos yourself. You need an assistant. Will have a go at this on the weekend. Thanks again...Judy

Mrs Frizz said...

so it looks like I need to invest in a glue gun ...