Thursday, 9 December 2010

Ribbons, Lace, Felt, Fibres, Ric Rac.......

These are all the things you can pick up cheap in the Store today!
I thought I'd give you some ideas to use up the stash you already have (so you can go shopping for more!!), or to use up some of the yummy goodies you can buy if you haven't got enough!

Fold it, stitch it, place it, loop it, make it into flowers, tie it in knots......the possibilites are endless!
Not just for girlie pages either!

I have a huge stash of ribbons, fibres and felt, but I rarely complete a page without adding some sort of "haberdashery". That's why I can never go past looking (and buying!) more all the time as well!

Here's some pages I've done recently using a mixture of ribbons, felt, fibres, ric rac and lace. I'd love to see some of your ideas as well. I'll be in the shop checking out the specials while you whip up some examples for me! Don't forget to share in the gallery before the end of the month to go in the prize draw!

Happy Creating....
Rach x

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