Tuesday, 15 March 2011

What is the world coming to??

There is so much devastation and so many unexpected things going on in this world of ours lately, that it's given me cause to think back and reflect. (Well, that's part of it..the other part is I have been without a printer to print my photos so I had to use some REEEAAALLLY old photos to scrap this week!)
Then I went a step further and looked back through some old papers and embellishments. (If the world IS coming to an end, I have an awful lot of Scrap Stash to get through first!)
So, here is my old photo (My DS at 18 months...now 13! Still cute though!!!) This Kaisercraft Skull Boi paper may be older but it still goes with anything boy.
My challenge to you..........is to find an older photo and scrap it! Look forward to seeing it in the gallery soon!

Rach xo

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