Thursday, 14 July 2011

Good morning everyone,
My turn for a challenge….I went shopping on the weekend…this may not be a biggie for most, but I am NOT a shopper!! Anyway when I was out and about I found a funky necklace that took my fancy.
It had a flower made from a zip on it… I thought I would have a go at making one and share it with you.
Depending on how long your zip is as to how big your flower will be. I only had smallish zips so I needed 1 and a half to make my flower.

First you need to separate the zips…then do a running stitch along the bottom edge of one of them.

Then you pull this thread until the flower curls up....I put a few stitches to make it stay where I wanted it to go.
Then with your other bits, fold the ends to the middle as per the pic and stitch to hold….these are extra petals you will want 5 of these.

Now all you have to do is stick it all together with a hot glue gun.

My challenge to you is to have a go at making a flower or any other embellishment with a zip, then use it on a layout....looking forward to seeing what you come up with.

I will try to do a page to use my flower on and share in the gallery.

Have fun,

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