Thursday, 28 July 2011

Thursday Challenge

Hi all,

My turn again for the challenge.

This last weekend we had a Retreat at the shop. My good friend Tina's daughter - the very tallented Linda was there. She shared with us lots of wonderful things to make for next to nothing.

So I am sharing one of them with you....share and share alike.

This little self standing album is made from one manilla folder.

Take your folder and lay it out flat, now fold over the bottom edge - approx 3"

Now fold that over again - making it double thick at the bottom, then fold in half like you were closing the file. Fold in half the front and the back to make hills, check out the pic and you will see what I mean.

Now when you stand it up on the thick bottom edge, your album is ready to decorate, front and back.

To make the ends of the pockets secure you can put a decorated paperclip or do what I did and staple them.

Then make some cards to put in the pockets and you are done.

I still have one card to do, waiting on a photo.
I am going to give my album to my Mum...shhh don't tell her it is a surprise.

I would love for you to give this a go and share your end results with us in the gallery.

Have fun.

1 comment:

Julze said...

I love this idea! This would make such a great gift..thanks, Marg. Will have a go at this..hopefully I have a few spare Manilla folders around :-)