Sunday, 7 August 2011

It worked!!!!

I saw this done recently and thought I should give it a go....

A) It's cheap;
B) It's fast;
C) It would make a great present; and
D) It uses up some stash!

All you need is a tile (and size, shape or colour....), some mod podge, some scraps of stash and a photo (or 2).
Firstly paint the mod podge on your tile. Lay your base papers on that.
Mod podge over the top and layer your photo **, ribbons, other embellishments.
Do a final layer of mod podge.
When it's dry, you can add rubons or ink.
A final layer of mod podge will finish it all and make sure it all stays, or you could use something glossier to seal and varnish it.

A nice, cheap alternative to a canvas , especially since canvasses are not always available where I live.
Have fun!!!!

Rach xx

** Apparently print your own/home photos won't work as the ink will smudge. (Though I didn't try it - may depend on your ink and your paper and your settings?? Use one professionally printed to be sure!)

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