Friday, 26 August 2011

It's the weekend ... woo hoo !!!!

and with a bit of luck, a little time for some creativity and with a whole lot of luck, that could be more than a little time for some creativity.  I will be a happy camper if that's the case. [Wishful thinking].

Time will tell.

So my challenge for you this weekend.

Some of the DT girls have put a few absolutely fabulous tutorials on the blog recently and yes, I've printed them off and ear marked them for future creativity and I bet I'm not the only one.

So this weekend, I would like to see you actually create one of the creations that you may have seen somewhere in the past, whether it has come from the CPC blog, something you have seen in a magazine somewhere and you've thought to yourself, ooh-la-la, like that idea, might make that one day.  You may have seen a tutorial on you-tube at some stage.

Well this weekend is the weekend to actually do something about it girls .. grab the instructions, look at that you-tube video again, grab your supplies and create.

Don't forget to show us your creations in the gallery, or link back to this post.

Happy creating.
Michelle [aka Mrs Frizz]

P.S. and yes, I've got something in mind already ...

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