Thursday, 18 August 2011

Thursday Challenge

Hi everyone,
My turn again to share a challenge with you.
 Last time I showed you how to make a little album out of a manilla folder. This was shown to me by Tina’s daughter Linda. She also shared this, so I am sharing it with you as well…with my twist on it.
This little album is made with 3 pieces of paper. It is best to use quite thick double sided. One of my bits was single sided, would have been better using all double…live and learn…lol.
Ok when you have your 3 bits, cut them into 4 inch strips, being careful to cut evenly.
Put one piece aside for the cover.
Now fold each bit from one end to the other then fold back on each side…as per pics.

You can see that the double bit in the middle is going to be the pocket. Take some good glue and do a slim line across the bottom and up the open side.

Once you have done all the pockets, line them up and work out how you want the order of the pages to be.
 Making sure that all the pockets are up the same end, put glue all over the back of the single sheet and stick to the next singe sheet…hope this makes sense….check the pic or send me a message if you are not sure.
Keep doing this until you have used up all the bits….you will have 8 pockets. I added more pockets as I wanted 12 for my birthday book….you can do as many as you want.

Now it is time to do the cover….score the piece you have put aside at 3” then 3 ¾ “ (this may need to be more if you have added more pages) then cut it off another 3” past the last score line.
I added some hinges to mine before I stuck it on, just cause I really like the look…most of the girls that did the album in the shop didn’t bother with them.

Please have a go a share in the gallery…if you have any questions leave a comment and I will get back to you.
Have fun,
Marg. x

Once you are happy with your cover, put glue all over the top of the first page and line it up with your cover….then when it is dry, put your glue all over the back page and line this up with the back cover. The spline will be seem to be a bit big, but once you have decorated and added tags it fattens up.

(To do the hinges, I used some black cardstock with my Tim Holtz Hardware Die, then used his textured hammer to bash it with…then added some on my metallic rubons to create the look I wanted.)

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