Thursday, 22 September 2011

A challenge ...

yep, something for you to think about ...

Just in case you didn't know, rugby fever has hit us big time at the bottom of the world, well in New Zealand.

So my challenge for you is to scrap or create - nothing difficult in that ... but what I want you to think about ... are some of the countries that are playing rugby in the Rugby World Cup tournament. 

In particular, I want you to think about the countries and their flags ... yep, that's your challenge ...

Pick a country that is playing the 2011 Rugby World Cup 2011 and create a layout in those colours.

Black and white are neutral colours, so they are allowed regardless.

So ...

Australia - goes without saying that you will know the colours of the Australian flag, so too for New Zealand - now you should know that as well - just saying.

But if you like something with a little more bright colour - how about the Romania flag - red, blue and yellow or Japan's flag - white and red - how about the colours of Scottish flag or Argentina's flag.

Don't forget to upload to the gallery.

Happy creating.
Michelle [aka Mrs Frizz]

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