Thursday, 27 October 2011

Playing with fabric

Barbie was playing ... oops ... being creative with fabric earlier this week and I thought to myself, let's keep the fabric thing going ...

I've played with a little organza, a little satin, a little more organza, a little tulle and some other silky fabric - no idea what it is called though - sorry.

I've cut lots of thin strips --- nothing to that ... easy peasy!

I've then folded them over and twisted them a little and popped a stitch in underneath and then through the layers.

I haven't quite finished this one - but you can see where I am going with it [excuse the dodgy looking piece of fabric it is sitting on].

I've still got the bottom layers to go where I will have circles layered on top of each and then the strip cluster on top of them.  The layers will look similar to the bottom flower brooch which I have made ... but this one gives you some idea of how it looks as a work in progress ...

We have lots of layers on this one - once I've cut out all my circles I have run the edges through a burning candle to get them to curl ... Once I've layered them all together and put a stitch through the layers, I've actually put a safety pin underneath and had my wee creation pinned to a scarf which I wore to work ... loved the way this little treasure turned out.

This one received quite a few comments from work colleagues today.

Just another way of being creative ... scrap it, pop it on a card or wear it ...

All in the name of creativity.
Happy creating.
Michelle [aka Mrs Frizz]
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