Tuesday, 22 November 2011

Tuesday's Blog Challenge with a difference...

Hi Guys,

Don't know if you know it or not - but I am a huge X Factor fan - I love watching all the new talent as it evolves... This year's Aussie X Factor is awesome - and I am loving all three finalists - it is very hard to choose who I would love to win!!!

I love Reece's rock songs - he's got a huge amount of talent for such a young kid

Johnny - well he's just the absolute cutest! He's got a smile that lights up the whole stage - and he has improved just so much since his first audition.

Andrew - well right from the beginning Andrew was my favourite - and I honestly have tears every single time that he performs - he has such an amazing talent.

So of all the talent this year I think my absolute fave would have to be Andrew....

So with that in mind I would like you to create an ANDREW layout... LOL

No you don't have to create a layout about Andrew Wishart - I want you to create a layout using something beginning with the letters in his name.

For example: A - Alphabets, N - notepaper, D - distressing and so on and so forth - so that you have something on your layout beginning with each letter. Oh and to top it all off you must use an X on your layout just because of X factor.

Have fun creating!!!

XXX Mish (who will be glued to the tv tonight to find out the winner!!!!)

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