Friday, 2 March 2012


Ok, are you ready to get your SCRAP on!


Each Friday for 8 weeks, a SCRAP Factor challenge will be added.

You have until the following Friday to upload your creation to the Scrap Factor gallery here: ScrapFactorGallery
We have a special forum area set up too, where info about the challenges and the prizes and rules will be placed: ScrapFactorForum

SCORING - The scoring will work as follows:
* Completing the layout to the challenge guidelines = 5 points.
* X-bonus (for completing extra music related challenge in your creation) = 2 points. Please state in the notes when you upload how you have met the x-bonus.
* Fast Extra Point (for being first to load into the gallery) = 1 point.
* Double-Up Points (If people complete a second one creation based on the theme - maximum of two entries permitted per challenge per week. The X-bonus applies if you comple that on the 2nd creation too). = 5 points (plus X-Bonus 2 points)
NOTE: Double page layouts count as one for this competition, so you must complete a second new layout for that theme to get the Double-Up points.
So that gives a maximum of 14 points per week to be won, or 15 if you are the super speedy one to get your page up first in that week's gallery!
Details on the prizes will be released over the coming week, so you need head over to the forum and watch that space!
OK - now on to the first challenge based on the Classic Rock theme.


The theme of the first challenge is Classic Rock.

Playing on the concept of rocks being a part of nature, your Week 1 challenge is to make layout featuring Nature in the photo/s, and needs include the Classic colour combo of Brown & Blue.

Other colours are permitted though, but brown & blue must be prominent.

X-Point Bonus - you receive a bonus 2 points if your layout includes a song title from an Australian Rock Band as the title of your page.
Here is my page, and it uses the song title The Greatest View (by silverchair).
Can't wait to see what you all make, and remember, you must keep watch on the forum this week for the reveal of the prizes for the comp!
Have fun.
Lee :)

PS Now you can link your image by clicking on the button below

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