Friday, 23 March 2012


Now I went to high school in the 80's. (wow that makes me feel old)

And to me the 80's were like WOW!

The fluro colours in the fashion, artist like Madonna in her material girl era was just coming to fame, Cyndi Lauper was someone we all wanted to look like - with her asymmetrical haircut, tulle layered skirts, stockings with holes through them.
It was also a time of the musical movies - Who can remember Desperately Seeking Susan, starring Madonna, Fame (not the modern version) starring Irene Cara, Footloose with Kenny Loggins, Dirty Dancing with Patrick Swazye.

Well my challenge to you for this week's Scrap Factor is to create a layout using a movie from the 80's as your inspiration.

My layout uses the movie Fame as my inspiration.

Now how do I get Fame as my inspiration - well simple - it is someone who has a lot of Fame from her singing career. (way easy)

My layout uses Crate Papers Restoration Collection (available at CPC) Bella Upstairs Downstairs Alphas,

The criteria you must use to complete your layout is:
1. Use an 80's Movie as your inspiration {Fame}
2. Use an white as the main colour of your layout
3. Include some memorabilia on your layout {my ticket from her recent Perth Concert}
4. Include a fact about the person/subject of your layout (mine is subtle - but Taylor Swifts lucky number is 13 { The cards under the title add up to 13} - she writes it on her hand when she performs, she also includes an inspiration line from a song (any artist who inspires her) written in permanent marker down her arm when she performs)

How do you think you will go with that challenge? As per usual the scoring is as for each other week.

Looking forward to seeing your layouts in the Gallery or by Linking them to the blog using the Inlinkz button below

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