Saturday, 26 May 2012

weekend challenge

Hi there everyone,

My turn for a challenge. Thought I would share a card that is going to be for this weeks class.

I saw this flower somewhere and thought it would be fun to make...

First get together the bits you need, to make this one I have punched 8 aprox 1 1/2" circles and cut a motif spellbinder just need one bigger than the little ones...IYKWIM. then your papers and card if making a card.

Now fold each of the small circles in half twice, as per the pic (sorry the flash was a bit bright) then you just fold on one half of the circle from where the fold lines are...check out the pic, bit hard to explain.

Now fold those bits back toward the middle..check the pic....then all you do it find the middle of your large circle, and sitck them all down....looks great and very easy.

This is the finished card, just popped a brad in the middle to finish the flower.

Please have a go and share with us what you come up with. Have a wonderful weekend.


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