Saturday, 2 May 2009

Country Papercraft's Designers School of Design

Tap - Tap - Tap

Is this thing on?

Okay, girls it's time to brush off your canvas rucksack, polish off your Bata Ponytail leather shoes, make sure the hems of your skirt sits just above your knee - IT"S TIME TO GO BACK TO SCHOOL!

Country Papercraft is opening its doors for a new 12 week term. Your Lecturers will be the awesome Design team - teaching you their favourite subjects - in scrapbooking terms!

The ‘DUX’ of Design School wins a 3 month stint on the Design Team – as a KIT DESIGNER – which means they will get the MONTHLY KIT & ADD ON FREE and have their layouts featured in the Newsletter and on the Blog! How awesome is that!!!

Keep your eye out for details - and your class timetable coming up soon in the FORUM


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