Tuesday, 30 March 2010

Easter basket tutorial

Well its nearly that time again for the big fuzzy bunny to come hopping along his bunny trail and leave us lots of CHOCOLATE!!!!!!!
Yea I know not the true meaning of Easter but hey any excuse to eat CHOCOLATE right!!!
Anywho today I'm going to teach you how to make the sweetest and easiest little basket, its so cute.
Here is the finished product.  I hope you like it.  Ok onto instructions.
Step one!
take a 6 x 6 inch piece of paper or light cardstock.
You need to score it at every 2 inches.  In my diagram I have drawn it in black but just need to score it.
Step two!
Now following my picture you need to cut some evenly spaced strips in the outer two squares on opposite sides.
I have drawn them in dotted lines. You also need to cut the lines where I have written cut...ok.
With me so far?
Step three!
Now comes the slightly tricky bit.  You need to put some double sided tape onto each of the cut strips.
I hope you can see it in this photo.
Then you need to fold the cetre flap up and starting from the middle strip you need to stick them into the centre of the bit you folded up.  i hope i'm making sense...lol.  Probably not though...snigger!
Hers a picture to try and show you.
You need to fold all of the strips in like this, on top of one another on both sides.
Hopefully it should now look like this.

Step 4!
Now you need to cut a strip of paper that is 6 inches long and about 2 inches wide.
This is your handle.  I have punch my edge with a punch to make it pretty.
You then need to stick it where all the strips meet on the side.  i used double sided tape again for this.
Step Five!
Ok now to tidy up all this mess on the side I have used a oval nestablitie and cut it in half.
You can use a half-circle or whatever you want.
Its just to hide all the bits where they are stuck.
Ok and thats your basket.  You can now decorate it and fill it with what you like!

You can also make them bigger you just adjust the sizing.

I hope you can follow my rather babbling instructions...lol
Thanks for sticking with me through this tutorial...and I hope to see your easter baskets gracing the gallery at CPC!!
And I hope you have a fantastic easter!!!

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Mrs Frizz said...

wow ... love this tutorial - now on my to do list for this weekend.

What a fab-u-lous wee Easter treat basket ... well for any wee treats really.