Sunday, 28 March 2010


Hey people!

Just reminding everyone that you have until tonight to upload your page for this weekends challenge!.

You can link back from your blog to this post, or upload direct to the Weekend Challenge gallery here: March Weekend Challenge Gallery
Here is the challenge:

I'd like to see some recycling! Use at least four different types of recycled items on your creation - ie if you just use one piece of cardboard and make four new things out of it, it will only count as one item type recycled. So you need to dive into all different manner of things to use! Look for recyclable products like paper or fabric or plastic or cardboard or "notion" style (ie ribbon, button etc) or metal (the foil from milo tins etc) - the possibilites are endless! Tell us what each item was originally and how you have used it in your creation!

To clarify, as long as you are using at least four different sources of items on your page, you can use them however you like (ie making something new, or just using a piece on there). SO you can have more than one paper item - ie an envelope and a paper bag, or more than one cardboard item - ie a piece of pizza box and the backing board from a PP pack. Etc. Basically the more pieces you recycle the better!

Here is my page finally:

Hope you play along.

ALSO: Don't forget, for those of you who play along with the designer challenges from the last newsletter, will also be in the running to win a Designer Challenge CPC Voucher for the month of March! You have until March 31 to upload!

So go check out the last CPC newsletter here, and show us what you make, either by linking here to the blog or loading to the gallery. Be sure to include the words March Designer Challenge on your Layout in the gallery though to make it easier to find you!

Your name will be added to the draw for each challenge you complete from the newsletter (ie one challenge done = one entry, 3 challenges done = 3 entries).

YAY - hope you play along, I can't wait to see what you make.

Lee :)

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