Friday, 26 March 2010

Let's Reuse, Reduce and Recycle - Weekend Challenge

This week it is Lee's turn to post the weekend challenge.  But as she is busy getting ready I am posting it for her.

So quoting Lee:

I'd like to see some recycling! Use at least four different types of recycled items on your creation - ie if you just use one piece of cardboard and make four new things out of it, it will only count as one item type recycled. So you need to dive into all different manner of things to use! Look for recyclable products like paper or fabric or plastic or cardboard or "notion" style (ie ribbon, button etc) or metal (the foil from milo tins etc) - the possibilites are endless! Tell us what each item was originally and how you have used it in your creation!

Don't forget to post your layout in the gallery or link back to this post from your blog to show us you stuff. You could be the winner of the monthly prize draw for those who complete the Challenges.

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