Friday, 22 October 2010

Weekend Challenge - Comic Strip Inspired Layout

Wowsers! Can you believe it is Friday again - ALREADY!!!!

So it is time for me to set this weekend's Challenge.

My challenge to you is to create a layout using this cartoon strip as your inspiration.

Here is my layout:

DOG V MILK CRATE - created by Mish
I have used the fun Jillybean Soup "Cream of Mushroom" Papers and the 3 different coloured alphabets available with the range. Along with BG Milk Chip Alphas & Green Tara Blossoms.
Our JR is very annoying when you sit outside - something to do with my boys teaching her how to play soccer when she was a pup - so now if you go outside, you always end up with her basketball at your feet - even if you are at the back of the house, she will bring it all the way from the front to the back just to get you to kick it to her.  The only way to stop her from bring the ball to you is by sticking it under a milk crate - which then just frustrates her for hours until you take it out.  But it's the only way you get peace and quiet if you are sitting outside!

Now it is up to you to create your layout and load it into the GALLERY before MIDNIGHT SUNDAY NIGHT to be in the running for the Prize Voucher at the end of the month.

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Anonymous said...

Love the challenge, Mish, & your LO. Of course I had to laugh at the antics of your dog. CAn't leave a comment in the gallery as it won't let me in so I thought I'd try here instead.