Thursday, 21 April 2011

Blast from the Past!

Here's a layout I just HAD to do for this week's challenge!
Yesterday my eldest boy came home, so proud of the little box he had made in woodwork this term. The look on his face when I pulled out my own little box from year 8 was Priceless! He and his friends couldn't believe A) They did cool stuff like that "way back then" and B) A GIRL did it (and did it well, might I say!) My box even had some of my Year 8 drawings in it and I can tell you the boys were suitable impressed with my drawing (copying! shh.....) skills too!

So here's the lo:

And your challenge is to scrap:
A) something from your childhood;
B) something which is the same as when you were a child; or
C) a comparison type layout comparing something old and something new. (Wish I had photographed the ancient scooter one of the kids had at the skate Park this week...!??) Those of you that didn't get to complete Mish's challenge the other day may already have a head start on this one.....

I have used last months kit since I didn't get to work with that in time for the last newsletter. There are sooo many papers in that kit, I wasn't sure where to start! And the best part is if they are "pretty" and floral on one side, the other is plain!

Happy Scrapping! Can't wait to see where you go with this one...!


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Mish said...

what a fantastic challenge Rach!