Thursday, 19 April 2012

Another challenge for you ...

Yes, it's my turn to set a wee challenge for you today.

Hopefully you will find a little 'me time' and be creative.

If you can't find the time for an hour uninterrupted scrapping time, try blocks of 10 minutes.

10 minutes to get out all your bits and pieces and leave them sitting in a pile somewhere safe.

10 minutes to search for just the right photos.

10 minutes thinking time while you are preparing the veges for tonight's dinner.

And then ... 10 minutes to put it all together - or longer ... but it's amazing how much you can do in small blocks if you have to.

It's been a wee while since I have scrapped using black and white and purple and I love this colour combination, especially when you throw in a little green as well.

So that's it ... some black and white, some purple and green and as you can see in my layout I have also used a little turquoise, so it's only fair that I let you do that too.

And ... and isn't there always an 'and' ... you can see that I have used a doily and if you look really closely you might be able to see some transparency in amongst the layers.

So not only, do you need to use the colour combination, you also need to use some type of doily and a transparency as well - if you are thinking what you can use ... what about a doily shape, a lacy edge, packaging for a transparency and if all else fails, a piece of old overhead projector film works wonders.

And my layout ...

Happy creating everyone.
Michelle [aka Mrs Frizz]

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