Friday, 20 April 2012

Scrap Factor Wk 8 - The final Challenge

This week's challenge is an emotional challenge... Because it is the final Challenge for Scrap Factor... (remember it's not too late to join in - so if you want to whip up 8 layouts one for each week there is still time!)

I would like you to choose an emotion (preferably one that is used in a song title.. LOL just to make it about music!)

I have chosen my emotion as BRAVE - sung by Kate Cebrano.

I was given a photo from 1999, when DS3 was doing his first lot of swimming lessons, and going to the deep end for the first time. (Recently most of these kids, now young adults have done their bronze medallions, and unfortunately didn't have a camera handy when they were all standing along the edge of the pool, might have to set it up for next season when they requalify again)

Okay the criteria:

1. You must use patterned paper that is featured in one of the Designer Kits (so even if you haven't purchased the kit - you can still play along)

2. It must feature the song title which is about an emotion.

3. A photo that is over 5 years old should also be on your layout.

4. Your layout should include hand doodling and/or journalling, some sort of bling, and some sort of fabric.

Have fun creating!

A reminder about the scoring:

* Completing the layout to the challenge guidelines = 5 points.

* X-bonus (for completing extra music related challenge in your creation) = 2 points. Please state in the notes when you upload how you have met the x-bonus.

* Fast Extra Point (for being first to load into the gallery) = 1 point.

* Double-Up Points (If people complete a second one creation based on the theme - maximum of two entries permitted per challenge per week. The X-bonus applies if you comple that on the 2nd creation too). = 5 points (plus X-Bonus 2 points)

NOTE: Double page layouts count as one for this competition, so you must complete a second new layout for that theme to get the Double-Up points.

So that gives a maximum of 14 points per week to be won, or 15 if you are the super speedy one to get your page up first in that week's gallery!

Here's the linky to share your layouts - or pop them in the gallery.

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